A Mid-Summer and a Mid-Wood Bird

the early petal-fall is past

Welcoming 2017

I hear fireworks from down the street; there are two toasty-warm kitties curled up by my legs; and the Internet is cooperating for once: so far, 2017 is going great! :)

Guess who's going to have kitties. :)

(Or should I say, :3 ?)
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Off the grid?
Sorry I've been so quiet lately! I've moved into my new place (as of Halloween), but I did so with a horrible cold; I fell asleep before I even got any trick-or-treaters! That was sad; I was really hoping I'd get lots, in my new neighborhood.

The other hiccup is that I don't have internet at my place, yet, so the only place I can get online is at my parents' house. I really need to get that sorted. I may go into withdrawals! Certain people on this site can confirm what a Moony without Internet is like. :)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

The last day or so, I've been noticing a weird smell in my car - almost like green onions, if green onion smell were about twenty times stronger and included elements of rot.

Finally found the source: last time mom and I went grocery shopping, we were in my car because hers is in the shop, and it seems some celery stayed in the trunk. (It took some green onions along for the ride, too!)

I sprinkled the trunk with baking soda and put some in a saucer (actually, a handy plant-pot tray) to sit overnight; the next morning I woke up early so that I could check on it. Not much of a dent in the stench, unfortunately, so I pulled the 'flooring' out of the trunk entirely to let it sit in the sunlight, and used two different kinds of Febreeze inside the trunk. Once the floor piece had sat for several hours, I shook off all the baking soda and Febreeze'd it, too. It's still sitting out there aerating, and will probably stay there a while longer, though the car smells much better -- I want to be sure that there won't be a return of the Horrible Onion Odor!

Painting! and other house things.
Upstairs ceilings have been painted. Downstairs ceilings and upstairs walls & trim will start getting painted tomorrow! Siding will hopefully start going up on Thursday! Carpet cleaning and restretching will be set up as soon as the painters are finished.

I've moved in most of my kitchen things, since they won't be in the way of the painting; other stuff will have to wait.

I am officially excited!

I've got a house!!

:) :) :) :)

In one week, I will be a homeowner. O.O

(Also: \o/ )

Guess who has a house?!

Subject to satisfactory results upon inspection and the completion of all closing details, anyway. :)

Further house updates
Today I went to see the second house, and... I want it! It's in a bit rougher shape than the first, and not as nicely finished inside even where it's not damaged, but there's nothing irreparable that I know about so far.

The first house is move-in ready, with gorgeous wood floors throughout and very nice new appliances. The second is... not. The 'new' carpet is pretty worn, and needs a good cleaning and restretching; the floors that aren't carpet are vinyl (in a kind of pinky beige) and in the kitchen there are some burn marks in it. There's a tiny burn on the kitchen counter, as well. It definitely needs repainting, and a lot of cleaning.

Why can't I put the first house's interior into the second house's exterior? Sigh.

Anyway, after thinking about it, I let my aunt (who has been my realtor in all this) decline the counteroffer on the first house, and went through all the paperwork to put in an offer on the second house.

As we were doing that, she received an email from the first house's agent, asking whether her client would be willing to let him bring the original offer to the owner and resubmit the same offer if they agreed to the price!

Cue much panic and dismay on my part, along with a little bit of relief. Relief, because if my offer on the second house is rejected outright then it's great to hear that I might have a fallback! I think I could be happy in either house, really. But panic and dismay... Why is it so much harder to walk away from something the second time? Having declined, I'd prepared myself to let it go and move forward - and now it's following me!

Either way, though, I am excited about the whole thing. Almost as terrified as I am excited, but definitely excited!

House update!
I did indeed receive a counteroffer. While I was thinking about it, I looked online... and found another possibility!

This one's main points of attraction are that it's a detached rather than attached home, and listed for $500 less than the currently-in-negotiation house's counteroffer. I'm sure there are good reasons for that, but I'm so terribly torn and now I really don't know what to do!

Hopefully I'll be able to go see the detached home tomorrow, before the 5:00 P.M. deadline for the counteroffer.


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