A Mid-Summer and a Mid-Wood Bird

the early petal-fall is past

Offered on a house!
I have been looking at houses, and finally found one that

1) doesn't already have a contract on it (or acquired one while I was debating),
2) is in excellent condition, and
3) is feasibly within range of my budget!

I made an offer today, and should hear back soon. (I'm trying not to get too excited, because my offer was low enough that I expect a counteroffer.)

This morning my ankle betrayed me and I hit the church parking lot asphalt with a flop. It skinned my left elbow and bruised my hip and wrenched my knee; not to mention, of course, over-bent my ankle. Honestly, though, it happened so fast that I hardly had time to tense up or flail, so I got off with minimal damage.

I was up again immediately, and drove home carefully keeping my bloody elbow off the car interior, and then went on to eat Indian food and see Star Trek: Beyond with D, so it was a very pleasant day overall!

The most embarrassing part is that this bodily betrayal occurred while I was demonstrating my goose-chasing technique, employed to good effect earlier in the morning... Thank goodness that no geese were present for my flop, so as far as they know, I'm a competent terrorizer of waterfowl still!

I was going to make a funny work-related post, but I'd better not. I'll just say: today I saw more members of the Board of Directors than I've ever seen before, by a factor of five.

Trying to maintain a presence here.
I'm aware that if I wait for something interesting to happen to me to post about, I will never post, but it's a hard reflex to get over - that "oh, that's not interesting enough to post about" internal commentary is persuasive!

In the interests of posting anyway, here's a general life update.

1. I am considering buying a house! I have a bunch of deep and divided feelings about this, but it would be a way to get out from under my parents' roof at long last and have a space to pursue the things I want to pursue. I keep telling myself, It doesn't have to be permanent! People buy houses and then move away all the time! You're not creating a permanent tie to this place!

2. In the interests of the above, I have applied for a loan. It's brought home to me how casual (and lazy) I am about monetary things; I had to provide bank statements from my checking and savings accounts, and I realized that I don't really have statements! I set them up for e-delivery years ago, and pretty much never looked at them again. I mark all my "You Have A New Document From USAA" emails as read without ever following the link.

I certainly look at my actual accounts! But statements, not so much, and I don't save them anywhere on my own computer or balance the checkbook. I'm very blessed that I can be this casual about money matters, but it's also partly a frustration issue - I have enough money that I could probably buy any one single material item I wanted, but I have nowhere near enough money to buy any one single goal that I want (e.g. a house, a year off work, a relocation to the city of my choice, an elective surgery). Looking at my bank statements is an unpleasant reminder of the gap that yawns between "well-off for a poor person" and "able to control my own life."

3. Speaking of material items, I have gotten lucky enough to add several things to my Windstone collection! Including an item that I wanted on Ebay but, reluctantly, didn't bid on. (So many beautiful things deserve a house to be displayed in! Leading back to the first point of this post.)

My weekend was eaten.
So, to start off with: Mom is now fine!

Medical drama beneath the cut!Collapse )

Things and stuff
+ Did not have my work eval today. Yay, though really, this just stretches out the sense of ominous forboding.

+ I am eating something I can only describe as, "It's basically ice cream, if ice cream were also Jello." Kinda weirded me out at first, but now I find it delicious and want to talk mom into making it again.

+ Parents are out of town until tomorrow afternoon! Time to drink a lot of tea, eat desserts, and hang out and internet at the kitchen table.

+ Beautiful new Windstone dragon arrived today! There will definitely have to be a photo post soon; this is an incredibly beautiful creature and I can hardly believe it lives with me now!

+ MidSouthCon coming up soon - need to buy my pass tonight! Last year was really great; maybe the best I've been to, so I have high hopes for this year!

Star Trek!
D invited me to go with her to the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Concert the other night, and we had a great time! I met her and her family at a restaurant near the theater, and had really good chicken tenders, then we strolled over to catch the show.

The orchestra was very talented, and the "set" was awesome! I was unfamiliar with most of the music, of course, but it was fun to listen to just as music - and they showed scenes from all the various series up on the screen as it was playing, so that was fun, too!

Happy New Year!
I hope all of you have enjoyed 2016 so far!

Mine has been mostly lazy, though it started off with a nice 4 hours of work (everyone else in my area was on PTO or off, so it was just me!) so I don't feel guilty. :)

Wearing a hat makes me feel like a hipster... but that isn't stopping me. (News item: I have found the only hat on Planet Earth that doesn't look idiotic on me!)

I'm not dead!
I miss the activity LJ used to have, and I would really like to try to post more, guys. I'm sorry I haven't been updating regularly.

The main culprit is that I hate negative posts, and sometimes it feels like that's all I have... that, or something so tediously boring it amounts to "I am still alive, but nothing is happening" so it seems silly to post.

General life update since it's been so long: nothing has changed, really. I desperately want a new job but don't seem able to get myself on track for finding one (I have even toyed with seeing a doctor about possible depression, but that just makes me feel like even more of a loser -- probably I'm not depressed, I'm just lazy, right? And besides that, I have to face how clueless I am about everything; I don't know how one goes about finding and seeing a doctor for something like that (or anything, really) and figuring it out seems like a vast and time-consuming chore.) So it turns out even my "neutral and boring" posts are negative, yay.

Positive note: the dog remains adorable and perfect. :)


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