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A Mid-Summer and a Mid-Wood Bird

the early petal-fall is past

Flat Cats
The A/C is out!

The cats are attempting to become two-dimensional beneath the fan.

Hidden perils of travel
HELP I am stuck in a room with three relatives who can't seem to stop watching Fox News. D:

Much as I love my grandparents, I end up boggling every time I've visited in the last half-dozen years. Where did the Fox addiction come from?? I swear the television is never off, and the volume's through the roof; I can hear 'Rump's bombastic tones when I'm upstairs with the door closed.

How did my sensible, LGBT-friendly grandparents turn into the kind of people who watch this garbage? How did they become the kind of people who support the garbage Fox is defending?

(One of the talking heads is rambling on now about the Washington Post story of a "classified intelligence leak" and keeps reiterating the party line about how the White House can't talk about things in detail with journalists, it's just wild misinterpretation by Democrats who want to see the Prez as incompetent. Meanwhile, five minutes of online reading tells me that Reuters and the NY Times have confirmed the WaPo story. Strangely, none of the talking heads on Fox have bothered to bring this up, despite talking for half an hour or more - plenty of time for someone to check for updated information!)

On the upside: delicious Dragon Roll for dinner at Kona Grill.

The downside, though, is ongoing and tends to disturb one's digestion.

Attention, MidsouthCon friends!
Sunday afternoon you're invited to my house for post-con relaxing. We'll have snacks (feel free to bring anything not offered in the ConSuite!) drinks (tea provided; bring any soda you like), and a movie if we feel like it.

uemei_kana, you're welcome to show up, too, if you can arrange it!

Anyone else on the friendslist who happens to be going to the MSC is also wecome, even if we've never met in person before!

Welcoming 2017

I hear fireworks from down the street; there are two toasty-warm kitties curled up by my legs; and the Internet is cooperating for once: so far, 2017 is going great! :)

Guess who's going to have kitties. :)

(Or should I say, :3 ?)
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Off the grid?
Sorry I've been so quiet lately! I've moved into my new place (as of Halloween), but I did so with a horrible cold; I fell asleep before I even got any trick-or-treaters! That was sad; I was really hoping I'd get lots, in my new neighborhood.

The other hiccup is that I don't have internet at my place, yet, so the only place I can get online is at my parents' house. I really need to get that sorted. I may go into withdrawals! Certain people on this site can confirm what a Moony without Internet is like. :)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

The last day or so, I've been noticing a weird smell in my car - almost like green onions, if green onion smell were about twenty times stronger and included elements of rot.

Finally found the source: last time mom and I went grocery shopping, we were in my car because hers is in the shop, and it seems some celery stayed in the trunk. (It took some green onions along for the ride, too!)

I sprinkled the trunk with baking soda and put some in a saucer (actually, a handy plant-pot tray) to sit overnight; the next morning I woke up early so that I could check on it. Not much of a dent in the stench, unfortunately, so I pulled the 'flooring' out of the trunk entirely to let it sit in the sunlight, and used two different kinds of Febreeze inside the trunk. Once the floor piece had sat for several hours, I shook off all the baking soda and Febreeze'd it, too. It's still sitting out there aerating, and will probably stay there a while longer, though the car smells much better -- I want to be sure that there won't be a return of the Horrible Onion Odor!

Painting! and other house things.
Upstairs ceilings have been painted. Downstairs ceilings and upstairs walls & trim will start getting painted tomorrow! Siding will hopefully start going up on Thursday! Carpet cleaning and restretching will be set up as soon as the painters are finished.

I've moved in most of my kitchen things, since they won't be in the way of the painting; other stuff will have to wait.

I am officially excited!

I've got a house!!

:) :) :) :)

In one week, I will be a homeowner. O.O

(Also: \o/ )