A Mid-Summer and a Mid-Wood Bird

the early petal-fall is past

Guess who has a house?!

Subject to satisfactory results upon inspection and the completion of all closing details, anyway. :)

Further house updates
Today I went to see the second house, and... I want it! It's in a bit rougher shape than the first, and not as nicely finished inside even where it's not damaged, but there's nothing irreparable that I know about so far.

The first house is move-in ready, with gorgeous wood floors throughout and very nice new appliances. The second is... not. The 'new' carpet is pretty worn, and needs a good cleaning and restretching; the floors that aren't carpet are vinyl (in a kind of pinky beige) and in the kitchen there are some burn marks in it. There's a tiny burn on the kitchen counter, as well. It definitely needs repainting, and a lot of cleaning.

Why can't I put the first house's interior into the second house's exterior? Sigh.

Anyway, after thinking about it, I let my aunt (who has been my realtor in all this) decline the counteroffer on the first house, and went through all the paperwork to put in an offer on the second house.

As we were doing that, she received an email from the first house's agent, asking whether her client would be willing to let him bring the original offer to the owner and resubmit the same offer if they agreed to the price!

Cue much panic and dismay on my part, along with a little bit of relief. Relief, because if my offer on the second house is rejected outright then it's great to hear that I might have a fallback! I think I could be happy in either house, really. But panic and dismay... Why is it so much harder to walk away from something the second time? Having declined, I'd prepared myself to let it go and move forward - and now it's following me!

Either way, though, I am excited about the whole thing. Almost as terrified as I am excited, but definitely excited!

House update!
I did indeed receive a counteroffer. While I was thinking about it, I looked online... and found another possibility!

This one's main points of attraction are that it's a detached rather than attached home, and listed for $500 less than the currently-in-negotiation house's counteroffer. I'm sure there are good reasons for that, but I'm so terribly torn and now I really don't know what to do!

Hopefully I'll be able to go see the detached home tomorrow, before the 5:00 P.M. deadline for the counteroffer.

Offered on a house!
I have been looking at houses, and finally found one that

1) doesn't already have a contract on it (or acquired one while I was debating),
2) is in excellent condition, and
3) is feasibly within range of my budget!

I made an offer today, and should hear back soon. (I'm trying not to get too excited, because my offer was low enough that I expect a counteroffer.)

This morning my ankle betrayed me and I hit the church parking lot asphalt with a flop. It skinned my left elbow and bruised my hip and wrenched my knee; not to mention, of course, over-bent my ankle. Honestly, though, it happened so fast that I hardly had time to tense up or flail, so I got off with minimal damage.

I was up again immediately, and drove home carefully keeping my bloody elbow off the car interior, and then went on to eat Indian food and see Star Trek: Beyond with D, so it was a very pleasant day overall!

The most embarrassing part is that this bodily betrayal occurred while I was demonstrating my goose-chasing technique, employed to good effect earlier in the morning... Thank goodness that no geese were present for my flop, so as far as they know, I'm a competent terrorizer of waterfowl still!

I was going to make a funny work-related post, but I'd better not. I'll just say: today I saw more members of the Board of Directors than I've ever seen before, by a factor of five.

Trying to maintain a presence here.
I'm aware that if I wait for something interesting to happen to me to post about, I will never post, but it's a hard reflex to get over - that "oh, that's not interesting enough to post about" internal commentary is persuasive!

In the interests of posting anyway, here's a general life update.

1. I am considering buying a house! I have a bunch of deep and divided feelings about this, but it would be a way to get out from under my parents' roof at long last and have a space to pursue the things I want to pursue. I keep telling myself, It doesn't have to be permanent! People buy houses and then move away all the time! You're not creating a permanent tie to this place!

2. In the interests of the above, I have applied for a loan. It's brought home to me how casual (and lazy) I am about monetary things; I had to provide bank statements from my checking and savings accounts, and I realized that I don't really have statements! I set them up for e-delivery years ago, and pretty much never looked at them again. I mark all my "You Have A New Document From USAA" emails as read without ever following the link.

I certainly look at my actual accounts! But statements, not so much, and I don't save them anywhere on my own computer or balance the checkbook. I'm very blessed that I can be this casual about money matters, but it's also partly a frustration issue - I have enough money that I could probably buy any one single material item I wanted, but I have nowhere near enough money to buy any one single goal that I want (e.g. a house, a year off work, a relocation to the city of my choice, an elective surgery). Looking at my bank statements is an unpleasant reminder of the gap that yawns between "well-off for a poor person" and "able to control my own life."

3. Speaking of material items, I have gotten lucky enough to add several things to my Windstone collection! Including an item that I wanted on Ebay but, reluctantly, didn't bid on. (So many beautiful things deserve a house to be displayed in! Leading back to the first point of this post.)

My weekend was eaten.
So, to start off with: Mom is now fine!

Medical drama beneath the cut!Collapse )

Things and stuff
+ Did not have my work eval today. Yay, though really, this just stretches out the sense of ominous forboding.

+ I am eating something I can only describe as, "It's basically ice cream, if ice cream were also Jello." Kinda weirded me out at first, but now I find it delicious and want to talk mom into making it again.

+ Parents are out of town until tomorrow afternoon! Time to drink a lot of tea, eat desserts, and hang out and internet at the kitchen table.

+ Beautiful new Windstone dragon arrived today! There will definitely have to be a photo post soon; this is an incredibly beautiful creature and I can hardly believe it lives with me now!

+ MidSouthCon coming up soon - need to buy my pass tonight! Last year was really great; maybe the best I've been to, so I have high hopes for this year!

Star Trek!
D invited me to go with her to the Star Trek 50th Anniversary Concert the other night, and we had a great time! I met her and her family at a restaurant near the theater, and had really good chicken tenders, then we strolled over to catch the show.

The orchestra was very talented, and the "set" was awesome! I was unfamiliar with most of the music, of course, but it was fun to listen to just as music - and they showed scenes from all the various series up on the screen as it was playing, so that was fun, too!


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